J.E. Jamerson and Sons serves our clients in preconstruction planning, design-build, construction mangement and renovation services.  One of our strengths is our ability to visualize a project and turn it into reality.  Depending on our customers' requirements, we perfrom under multiple contract types, delivery methods and bidding processes.  J.E. Jamerson and Sons acquires projects through either a negiotated process or competitive bidding. 


The primary role of J.E. Jamerson and Sons in preconstruction is to provide leadership and design solutions in a manner that allows the Owner to make informed decisions.  We take pride in our ability to provide accurate conceptual budgets and schedules.   Addressing critical details during the preconstruction phase results in fewer construction-phase changes, reduces construction time, and provides cost savings to our clients. We develop and maintain accurate cost estimates, analyze timelines, materials, logistics, and construction methods. Because of our hands-on approach, financial strength, and experience, we offer tremendous value to our customers. Jamerson’s management team ensures decisions made during project planning are accurately implemented throughout construction and completion of a project.


Design-Build is a collaborative delivery method by which J.E. Jamerson and Sons provides both the design and construction service through the use of a single contract between our team and our client.  We utilize our in-house talent and experience to take your project from conception to completion. Our design-build construction services incorporate value-added designs and construction management methodologies tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

We enjoy strategic alliances with top architectural firms, which allow us to partner with the right design firm for your project. One benefit is a structure that meets your vision, budget and timeline without surprises or costly changes.


J.E. Jamerson and Sons has completed numerous construction management projects.  The process begins with thorough planning and establishing procedures for the coordination and communication among the design team, owner,  and construction team. Our team takes a proactive "value-seeking" approach to work closely with others to produce a quality project, completed on time and within budget. We emphasize quality control, cost and scheduling, so that maximum value to our customer is achieved.


J.E. Jamerson and Sons also has participated and completed many successful competitive "hard bid" contracts for both private and public projects.  We enjoy a great reputation with subcontractors that enables us to get the best prices available.


J.E. Jamerson and Sons has completed serval LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accrediated projects and also employs LEED accrediated professionals.  We strongly believe in utilizing renewable resources and energy efficient components as well as reducing the carbon footprint of our projects.  Because of our experience, J.E. Jamerson can offer sound advice on cost effective solutions that take advantage of "green" technology without the expense associated with LEED accrediation. 


At J.E. Jamerson and Sons, we impose a culture of safety. Safety is not a goal; it is an expectation. Safety training is an integral part of employee orientation that each employee receives prior to working on a project. We provide Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training in-house to our employees and examine the components of J.E. Jamerson’s safety standards and how they meet the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Administration (VOSH) requirements.